Certified Professional Wedding Officiant

Thank you for taking the time to look at Pastor Doug's website.  When you are ready, please contact him about the most special day of your life!​  You will not regret it.

The First Amendment to the Constitution (among other things) have procured the freedom of religion and the practice of the sacraments. As a result, I exercise my right to honor my moral/religious code by denying to perform the sacrament of a marital (covenant) ceremony per my personal/spiritual conviction.  The government does not interfere in purely religious functions or dictate how faith groups handle faith convictions or sacraments, and to whom or how they offer them.


   Doug and his wife, Tina have been together

   33 years now (27 married).  They are parents

   of 2 adult children.

Pastor Doug has officiated scores of weddings during his 20 year tenure as a (ordained) minister in the Wesleyan Church (1994-2014).  He is an enjoyable personality and a seasoned relationship specialist.

He will take a personal approach to your wedding ceremony and a relational approach in your premarital coaching.  Doug's greatest strength is developing healthy relationships..

As a seasoned and gifted marriage specialist, life coach, and pastoral counselor he offers the wisdom and experience needed to make your wedding ceremony special, and your marriage relationship thrive.  

Regarding your marriage license:​

  • A couple must have a state issued marriage license in order to be married.
  • Obtain one together (have official picture ID and SS# with you).  It is valid for a limited period of time after receiving.
  • Purchase within 30 days of wedding if possible.  There is a Fee (usually between $50-$75).
  •  The marriage license is obtained from a county Register of Deeds office. 
  • ​For the bride to do a name change, it will have wait until the Registry of Deeds office has received and registered the marriage license (usually a 2 week minimum wait after the wedding).  ​
  • The Law requires the marriage license to be signed (in officiate's presence) by two witnesses after the ceremony
  • Officiate will fill out the marriage license following the ceremony and return it to the Register of Deeds Office in the county where it was obtained.

Getting Started:

  • Contact Doug via email, doug.taubin@gmail.com OR, by phone 336-688-0004
  • Request availability for BOTH wedding and rehearsal dates
  • Include in email as many DETAILS as you have (you do not need to have everything known at this point).  Simply include what you do know, desire, or have questions about concerning your special day.  Doug will gladly help you figure everything out.  Therefore, please do not be concerned if you do not know some of the following details. 
    • size of wedding party: bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girl, ring bearer, etc.
    • names of all parents, grandparents, guardians, etc. who will be participating, present, and/or seated in first row 
    • special song(s) and if performed by a person(s) or with a DJ
    • unity ceremony and with what featured (i.e. candles, colored water, ropes, colored sand, etc.)
    • special reading(s) and who might be the reader(s)
    • ring ceremony and who will be responsible for rings
    • personal requests/ideas you are considering in your ceremony
    • Christian service, non-Christian, Bible verses, other readings 
    • desired length of ceremony (if applicable)
    • traditional vows, personally written vows, combination vows, etc
    • appropriate/complimentary humor, no humor
    • indoor/outdoor wedding, including venue, 
    • etc.​